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2-5 Ton Truck & Coach
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In 1997, we purchased a motor home new, and as soon as we could, it had EnviroSave put in everything we could. On June 17, 2012, almost 15 years to the day that we drove it off the lot, we had to retire it. Not by choice, but out of necessity. After a tumble off the side of the road, the insurance company said it couldn't be repaired and it was time to look for a new one. Of course, it had only run 227,000+ kilometers, and been in 40 states, 5 provinces, and 2 territories, and we had planned on visiting at least 9 more states, 5 more provinces, and 1 more territory with it. The engine didn't use a drop of oil. No one could believe that we averaged over 11 MPG since shortly after we purchased it. Except for two batteries and some tires, we had done nothing mechanical to the motor home during the time we had it.

Of course, this is what we expected. For years, before we had decided to spend some time on the road, seeing our great country, we ran heavy equipment. We had run EnviroSave in everything that had a motor, gearbox, transmission or anything that could be mechanical. We knew that the product gave us more component life, better fuel usage, and general mechanical health.

We have purchased a new motor home — still a Jayco — and the EnviroSave is here waiting to go into the components as soon as we have been able to run it enough to say it is broken in. This spring, we plan on a trip that will be over 10,000 km. We believe we can go another 15 years or longer with the new one because of EnviroSave.

Thanks for introducing it to us.

Wayne and Iva Tuttle
Tomslake, BC, V0C 2L0

PS: The EnviroSave treated components are still going strong. They were actually used to move the motor home around while salvage was being done, and then were sold as part of the salvage!

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