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Warren Casperson
Enviro-SAVE Products lnc.
P.O. Box #80129
Bumaby, B.C V5H 3X5

Dear Warren,

I'm writing this letter to tell you how please I am with the results of your Power Train Protection Kit that I recently installed in my 1988 Chev c2500 ext. cab pick-up truck. The truck is for my personal use and is driven an average of 1,000 km/week, and at the time that I installed the Enviro-SAVE products, my vehicle had an odometer reading of 370,660 km's. I noticed immediate results in performance and operating temperature that have already translated into real $ savings. For example, my previous gas mileage per tank full was about 780-800 km per 105 litres of gas. I've since seen an increase in performance that now yields me 900-925 km's 105 litres of gas. This alone is a remarkable improvement and essentially saves me 1/4 tank of fuel everytime I fill up, which translates into approximately $20.00 per tank full. At 5 fills per month I'm immediately saving $100.00/month which will repay the initial investment for the kit in less than 2 months. Incredible, but true!

The fuel savings alone are enough to satisfy me, but I see a number of performance improvements that have made my vehicle run better than it's ran since I bought it 2 years ago. My operating temperature dropped approx. 12 degrees, my transmission shifts smoother, and I noticed that my power steering pump no longer "moans" when the wheel is turned at maximum. I also noticed that my idle speed went up about 150 rpm which indicates to me better performance due to reduced friction. I really enjoy driving my truck knowing that I'm getting the best possible performance that I possibly can and at the same time I'm burning less emissions and saving money.

I have worked in the trucking industry for the last 12 years and was first introduced to Enviro-SAVE about 5 years ago by an owner operator who had installed your product with great success and was trying to spread the word to his fellow drivers. Althought I heard only positive results about the product I never did try it myself until recently. I know it works. My experience tells me that any way that you can increase fuel mileage in a truck you are sure to save money. I believe without question that using Enviro-SAVE metal treatment products is a wise investment for anyone in the trucking industry (not to menton anyone who owns a motorized piece of machinery of any kind). The fact that this is Canadian technology at it's finest is an absolute bonus.

Thank you again for developing such a fine product. You can be sure that from now on I'll be singing the praises of Enviro-SAVE products to everyone I know... and they'll all be glad that I did the first time they use it.

Brian Furneaux
Special Commodities Division

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