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September 3, 2004

Dear Sir;

Re: Operator Brian Apps & Enviro-Save Product

In 1996 I was introduced to Enviro Save. We used Enviro Save on our EX200 excavator, which at the time the machine only had 2,300 hours on it. I found that the machines performance improved immediately, plus the machine was quieter after using Enviro Save, at the same time I noticed that fuel consumption went down. When the machine reached 8,000 hours of use, it was recommended we change the packing in the cylinders, pins and bushings. It didn't need it and was (lone for preventive maintenance, since the majority of work is in isolated areas and down time to us is costly, I also changed the fuel injectors. This work was the only major work done to the machine up until this point in time.

When a decision was reached to trade the EX200 in for a John Deere at about 18.000 hours, a mechanic from Wajax was called in. The mechanic indicated that the Hitachi machine should have had the drive motors, pumps and valves checked and or changed once the machine reached 7,000 or 8,000 hours of use and he was very surprised nothing had been changed.

We do a lot of fish habitat work, working around water and it is important that proper oil be used and the combination makes the use of Enviro Save treatment environment safe.

On a personal note, I too use Enviro Save in my personal vehicle. I have also noted that by using this product maintenance and operating cost have been cheaper in the long run.

Thanks EnviroSave

Peter Siwallace
Band Manager
(For Bryan Apps - Machine Operator)

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