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Dear Kjell,

Good to hear from you Kjell. I would like to tell you how our company, over the years, has been please with the results of using Enviro Save products. We have operated a variety of equipment from road vehicles to aircraft to marine engines. The fuel system treatment results have been less gum deposits and an increase in miles per gallon of 10 to 20%. The oil treatment results are reduced friction which results in a substantial increase in RPM. As a result of our oil treatment with Enviro Save, we enjoyed lower wear rates and much reduced incidence of corrosion. Because many of our engines were on a fixed time to overhaul we were able to monitor very closely not only our running costs but our condition upon overhaul. I would estimate the overhaul benefits of treating our engines with Enviro Save, in our running costs and overhaul costs, would be on the order of 40%. As an example of some of the dramatic results that can result from using these products, an employee had a motorcycle with engine compression of about 55 psi. After one treatment the compression returned to normal. We assume stuck rings were the problem and Enviro Save allowed our employee to put his bike back on the road without expensive engine work. Hope all is well with you,


W.H.Walton, President
Waltav Industries Ltd.
Denman Island, BC

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