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Dear Sir,

I heard about Envirosave fro ma friend and decided to try it. My partner and I have been in the logging industry as fallers for around 40 years between us so have had plenty of power saw experience. We are running walkerized 066 Stihls and after the break in period treated both power saws. We had tached out the saws at around 13500 rpm before the treatment. A couple of days after the treatment we put the tach on the saws again and to our amazement they had gained around 800 rpm. We have had our saws running 14000 rpm plus for the last couple of months even though Stihl only recommends 12500. We have had no ill effects and these saws are the best that we have ever used. After seeing what it had done with the saws I've done a full drive train protection on my 2001 Ford Supercrew and ordered more for our next batch of saws. I would recommend this product to anyone and I am.

Derek Shoop
DNS Contracting LTD
Queen Charlotte Islands

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